Turn the Tide

Rise to the Climate Challenge.

Join us in this new and ambitious venture to build a resilient, vibrant Bay Area that withstands the challenges of climate change.

San Francisco Bay—a vital source of life, recreation, and inspiration—is facing unprecedented threats. Climate change looms larger with each passing year. Sea level rise, flooding and other climate impacts are growing each year, threatening people, and wildlife.

To create a resilient future, Save The Bay is launching a groundbreaking $8 million fundraising campaign—the accelerator our region needs. Now, we need you to help turn the tide and rise to the climate challenge.

Campaign Priorities

This campaign will help prepare the Bay Area for climate change. Your generosity will support the urgent actions we need to break the gridlock on sea-level rise protection, accelerate wetlands restoration, eliminate pollution, promote urban greening, and build equity.

We must accelerate our progress against climate change to protect our gorgeous Bay and to create clean, healthy, equitable communities for all. There is a path forward; a role for all of us to play.”


David Lewis


Turn the Tide, Rise to the Climate Challenge

Climate change is not a reason for discouragement or despair. It is a reason to find your voice, find your role and join the movement that can help change the course of our region’s environmental history. The time is now, and the path is clear.

Together, We Will Meet This Moment